I love running. I love the simplicity of being able to put on my shoes, and go. I love that when I run my mind seems to run less. I think sweat is cathartic. Some of the most pivotal changes in my life have been prompted by decisions made while running.

I have been a runner since high school. I ran track in middle school, and hated it. Everyday. I remember coming home after each practice and telling my mom I was going to quit. While some parents push their kids into sports, mine didn’t. Each time I said, “Mom, I can’t do this anymore, I’m quitting.” She’d say, “Okay, quit.” And then I’d start crying, and exclaim, “I can’t quit.”  Then don’t, she’d say.

I didn’t. I kept running, until I really began to like running. Running has allowed me to feel athletic, even though I’m not. Running makes me feel strong and healthy. So, while running is un-related to kindness (the overall theme of my blog), I will write time to time about running, because it’s been a foundation in my life for years. And throughout those years, I have noticed that the more grumpy and irritable I am, if I can just get out for a half hour run, I’ll come back a much kinder, much more patient person.

Previous running experiences that lead to me being a kinder, more patient person:

*A handful of Bolder Boulders beginning when I was in middle school

* Many cross country races in high school

* My first half marathon–the Vail Mountain half, a burly race that gains 3,000 feet in elevation

* A handful of Race for the Cures

* A few other random 5 & 10ks–like the Lupus Race for Life (for Becca) and most recently the most challenging 5k, I’ve done, Run the Rocks !

* And one marathon which was a birthday present to myself, the race was the day before:

I’m glad I did it, but I’ll never do another. My right knee hasn’t been the same since that race. Also, in this picture, I’m the short one (and I’m 5’10″).

2012 Running:

The Yeti Chase in Lakewood, a super fun, hilly 10k in the freezing cold. I really liked the course through Bear Creek Lake Park. And though the time leading up to the race left me freezing, it was a good temperature for a run. I also liked that the race wasn’t huge. A small, local fun event to do :)

And I’m currently training for The Horsetooth Half in Fort Collins. More on this in April.

Updates to come & race reviews to post in the near future.


Happy running!

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